Local players looking to set up unofficial play at open courts in the area. Not affiliated with any town program and not looking to overlap any organized town play times

Please create your own events or post messages on the board if you are looking to set up a gathering. Just say where and when you want to play and if you prefer to play at a particular level that day, or just are looking to hit with anyone of any level.

Since these are not sponsored or sanctioned town play times, you should come prepared with your own equipment including balls (BYOB - Bring Your Own Balls)

Sport Pickleball
Home city West Yarmouth
Team members 61 (Player list)
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I will be in South Yarmouth today and tomorrow. Are there any open rec games that I can join?

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Contact and Event Information

Contact person: Matt Pulsifer, matthew.pulsifer@gmail.com, 508-237-6667

IMPORTANT:  Everyone here is encouraged to make their own events to set up times to play wherever and whenever they like.  It does NOT need to be organized by the team manager (Matt) and feel free to note in your events what type of play or what type of level you are looking to play at that day.  

Please invite or add others that you would like:  Send this link:  https://capecodpickleballplayers.playerlineup.com/public_join  or send me their name and email and I can add them manually

Local Places to play are:

Yarmouth:  Flax Pond Recreation Area (Dupont Ave)
Dennis:  Wixon Courts (Old Chatham Road)
Mashpee:  Pickleball Park (Ashumet Rd)

Town Organized Times are

Yarmouth:  Seven Days per week 9-12am (we also cannot play until 5pm M-F due to summer camp on site - this will change in the fall once camp is over

Dennis:  Seven Days per week 9-12 

Mashpee:  Not sure

There are other towns with courts and dedicated play times, but I don't have that information.  Anyone who wants to share that info with me please do and I can post it here